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Estonian dance

Hello, my name is Fátima and I’m an international volunteer for one year in Narva. Since a few days after my arrival to Estonia I’ve been dancing Estonian folkloric dances with the Jun-Ost group.

Why am I interested in folkloric Estonian dances? Well, I love dancing and I’ve danced different dancing styles like latin dances, belly dancing and modern dance during all my life; so, being in Narva is a perfect opportunity for learning a new style, meeting new people and connecting with the culture of the country.

I started dancing at the end of September thanks to my coordinator Alisa, who knows someone that belongs to the Jun-Ost group and she offered to let me go to watch a training session to see if I was interested in it. Since that day, I’ve been training with them two times per week, around one hour and fifteen minutes each day, in Narva Kultuurimaja Rugodiv. Even though we don't share the same mother tongue and the teaching language is Russian, which I’m learning and I only understand a few things, the communication works.

Furthermore, I’ve performed with Jun-Ost three times since I joined them: first time was a the 10th of February in a dancing festival: Kohtla - Nõmme Talvepilgar; second time was 23rd of February in Narva Kultuurimaja Rugodiv to celebrate Estonian Independence Day; and the last one was 17th of March in a cultural concert celebrated in Sillamäe Kultuurikeskus.

I’m really happy and thankful for being part of Jun-Ost group because I can keep my favorite hobby in Estonia and I’m learning a lot from them.

Project number: 2023-1-EE01-ESC51-VTJ-000134063

Project title: „Community Spirit”

Community Spirit