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"Sustainability" training weekend - second day

After the breakfast, we started the "sustainability day".

We first had an outside conversation and reflection by pairs about this topic, trying to understand the what, the why and the how to... then we assisted to Ljuba presentation about it, which started by questioning us about what subject from all of the sustainability topics is important for everyone of us.

We ate lunch after all this brain stretching activities.
And after lunch we started working on our personnal mini projects, trying to find what, for whom and how.

And everyone presented his project. 

After the diner we played the candies game. It was a bit frustrated to hold candies and not being allowed to eat them, but we survived ;) During this game we had to give candies to someone for different reasons, for exemple : "give a candy to the person you want to know more..." another interesting game ;)

After a free time moment it was.... sauna time !!!!
I personnaly tried for the first time the-running-and-rolling-in-the-snow-after-getting-out-of-the-sauna-room experience. It was a very chilling adventure (also freezing) but I'm really happy that I did it.

We had a sad moment when one of us burnt herself with the sauna "oven". We were really worried because she burnt herself badly and we called emergency doctor. 
In a word : a night full of emotions...

Project number: 2020-2-EE01-ESC11-078077
Project title: „Solidarity for Sustainable Life“

Solidarity for Sustainable Life