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English conversation club diary

As an ESC volunteer in VitaTiim, I’ve accepted the holy traditional task. I mean, organizing English conversational club. Even after 3 months, I want to keep on having this tradition as long as possible. It feels so cozy, relaxed, and sincere all the time, and being part of it and organizing it feels like I’m doing good things.

We’ve been talking about different topics each week and it helps to improve our vocabulary in various situations. Sometimes we need to think about some situations we never think about how to express ourselves in English. It also brings us so closer and as an international volunteer in Narva, I’ve made a lot of friends thanks to this tradition. Besides, I think that it is really important to have this club in Narva. Because of the youngsters' feedback that I’ve taken till now, I can say that they are so glad to have this opportunity, to make international friends, get closer to them, and also encourage themselves to speak English. It’s a kinda win-win situation. Because volunteers also have the same advantages from it. The more we contact with the local people, the more we feel part of Narva and it helps us to adapt to this environment quickly.

However, now I would like to mention how helpful organizing English conversational club is for me. In the beginning, I really didn’t know exactly how to lead it in a smooth and not boring way. Because in my opinion, these are as important as having a good plan. At first time, I really didn’t know even how to start. But after weeks, I can see my improvement. I’m more comfortable and confident when I’m leading it and talking in front of people. It’s improved my leadership skills. Besides that, organizing it is not only about writing questions. For every week we need to come up with new ideas, we need to keep it fresh. Of course, we’re not only talking. It’s also about trying to find suitable energizers and plays. Here one thing comes to mind: time management I’m still working on it and trying to do my best. After my volunteering, I think I can see the good differences in me thanks to the English conversational club. It’s not only talking in English. Believe me, it doesn’t feel that simple when you’re part of it in every process. I’m so glad to have it. Because I’ve gained a lot of competencies and still have. See you maybe in the English conversational club. Every weekend at 17.30 in VitaTiim, don’t forget it! 😉

Project number: 2023-1-EE01-ESC51-VTJ-000134063
Project title: „Community Spirit”

Community Spirit