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Kirsika: Hi Narva, bye October!

Hi Narva, bye October!

I have to say biiiig thank you Vitatiim -I have felt already from beginning included and cared for.

I found out that I have kind and cool flatmates (volunteers). I spent some good time with my friend who came over - 1. picture “morning cafe, reading and good talks”.

I got my first experience in kindergarten - 2. picture “The moment I did not know them jet”. It was a great challenge on the first time, but next time I already knew the things, what I could do better, so it went very well. I understood that I need a teacher on my side, mostly because language barrier but also because it is more or less new experience for me, so sometimes I need a guidance.

I had also opportunity to make a class in disabled people centre - 3. picture “Plow Painting”. It was so filling to see them joyful and enjoying the process - they thought me that small things (made with great love) matter.

4th picture describes well my joy and challenge in same time - me wanting to do purposeful things and find different methods, that may help to fulfil the goals that I have in places where I work.

Some things that I am learning right now are:
How to let sometimes my plans go and be flexible.
How to plan and use time wisely.

How to fail and try again. I don’t have to do perfect. Expectations are things that I often make up myself. It is also okay to ask help from an other worker.
How to be kind to myself. I am human-being, not a human-doing. It is also really important to take rest, do things that I love - go and have a nice walk in the forrest, have a good talk with a friend or be alone and do what heart tells.

There are surely more things to tell about my volunteering time here in Narva. Don’t hesitate to write to me, if you have any questions about my voluntary service, or any other nice thoughts to share! :)

May you be blessed with great health and joy! On this a bit darker time let’s keep together and spread love to them who are in need of it.


Project number: 2019-2-EE01-ESC11-051786
Project title: “Solidarity in the 21st century”

Solidarity in the 21st century