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Hi ! My name is Camille, I’m 26, and I’m from France.

I am going to do a volunteering service in Narva, in the VitaTiim, and I can’t wait to meet the people here in Narva and in Estonia and discover this country, his specialities, his landscapes, and activites...and everything I forgot to mention!

I’ve done a film school, and an internship in a web radio, I’ve also worked as a videographer (filming, editing...) for medias on internet and facebook, instagram...

My hobbies are cooking (I make an excellent chocolate cake), reading, creating, eating (can it be a hobby?), photography (I can create very funny situation or unexpected context just to get a nice shot).

I like to play games, every team spirit activites in general, I also like volleyball, ski, swim, and all kind of water activities

The first time you meet me, you might think I am shy, but wait until you get to know me. ;)⠀

One of my favourite part of the day is the tea time (except I’m drinking coffee) but I love this moment because we all stop what we are doing to gather together to take a break and enjoying a moment, and also, because it’s time for a sweet cake or something like that and I love it so much!

Important notions for me are respect, tolerance, listening… If you ever catch me doing the opposite of that, please come to me and tell me right away!

#SolidarityForSustainableLife #SustainableLifeDevelopment

#EuropeanSolidarityCorps #VolunteeringInEstonia

Project number: 2020-2-EE01-ESC11-078077
Project title: „Solidarity for Sustainable Life“

Solidarity for Sustainable Life