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Lunch places in Narva

Well, as Turkish ESC long-term volunteer, I like to eat different type of food. Turkey has very wide options when it comes to the food. We dont eat for surviving, We eat for a pleasure. That’s why We are careful at what we are eating. I dont mean we are eating healthy 😊 But we eat good and delicious foods. That’s why eating has a big place at our life. And that’s why we eat very long and slowly and that is where Turkish coffee and tea comes to the story. After any kind of food or with food we drink tea or after food, we drink coffee and have a chat. But this is not an advertisement of Turkish cuisine or coffee. We dont have that much time to talk about it now 😊

I just wanted to share some of my opinions about the lunch places in Narva. In Estonia there is a concept called “business lunch”. In the weekdays from 11am to 3 pm Daily lunch menü is 4-5 Euro. As a volunteer in Narva, It helps you a lot I think.At least it helped me a lot 😊This time I’ll share my 3 top restaurant so far in Narva . This is my 7th month in Estonia and Narva and I think I tried them enough to say something .

First one is Alex Kohvik , They do very different meals every day and the plate is good enough to satisfy your stomach and eyes I think. They also serve free water and bread which is very tasty. Restaurant is also kind of central So it is my favorite so far.

Second one is Monk Restaurant, which I eat there very often. Because it is close to my home and gym so I eat something there and go to gym or after gym I eat there. And I change my plans sometimes for business lunch. If I am free at 2pm , before 3 pm I eat at monk and run to the gym 😊 They also have business lunch and do asian meals. They cook chicken with different sauces , noodle and salad . There are two branches , one is in Fama Keskus, other one is in Astri Keskus. At Fama Keskus you can also see the chef cooking there and this restaurant is also very central.

Third one is Ranna Resto ,which I tried only once but food was delicious and view was also maybe the best in Narva. It is located in Promenade. They serve soup,main meal and sweet also. İt is not very central but good to go place I think 😊

Project number: 2023-1-EE01-ESC51-VTJ-000134063

Project title: „Community Spirit”
Community Spirit