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I am Kirsika and I am 26 years old Estonian from Tallinn. 
Right now, I am finishing my studies in Viljandi Culture Academy, in a study program that’s called Community Education and Hobby Activity. 

Can you guess what I am probably the most excited about? For the next half year, will be my home city NARVA, where I will be a volunteering in LAD, Vitatiim and Kakuke (Kindergarten)!!!

Some things that I like:  
Being creative – e.g. photography, drawing, writing, home décor. Besides that, I like walking in the nature, visiting cafes and having good talks with people about things that really matter.
Also, I like mornings (breakfast is the most important meal of my day).
I like people - especially youth + I am interested in different cultures and travelling.  

I speak Estonian and English, also can understand a little Russian, German and Danish. 

Finally, yet importantly, it is in my heart to do things that matter, help with projects that are in youngsters’ heart and create activities that people want and enjoy participating at. Also, I want to do my best that I could talk more in Russian.

See Ya in Narva! 


Project number: 2019-2-EE01-ESC11-051786
Project title: “Solidarity in the 21st century”

Solidarity in the 21st century