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Ana: first blog


I'm Ana, girl from Split city (region Dalmatia) in Croatia. I choosed Estonia for volunteering project because it's far away from Croatia and have different nature, culture, tradition. In Croatia lot of people know about Estonia that's the country participant in Eurosong and that it's very digitalised.

I started my journey on St.Patricks day, 17.March. 
I traveled from Croatia to Austria and from Austria to Finland. When I arrived to Helsinki I was happy to see snow and I bought kebab at the Central station. I asked random person about direction to the port, person asked me where I'm coming from and then we started small talk about my "Solidarity for sustainability" project in Narva. He told me that no matter where people are coming from we have to take care of planet, that the ecology is something tjat should connect us. I got tram number 6 and enjoyed view from the window. Helsinki seemed soo quiet and peacefull, people walked by the sunny sea side with kids. I traveled with ferry and arrived to Tallin, where I ordered Uber ride and after I tipped driver with 2€uro tip, he smiled and told me that this was his first ride! : D I wished him lot of tips in futures rides and went to the hostel in bohemian Kalajama district. I love city center of Tallin as I never seen such a diverse architecture, beautifull and colorfull old buildings! It's pleasure to spend time there... 

I arrived in Narva at Friday 19.March and stayed 10 days in self isolation. In the supermarket I was surprised to see lot of fruit yogurts, kefir with blueberry (!), white chocolate with blueberry. I really love forest fruits and berries, I bought home made blackcurrant jam that babushka prepared by herself in her home with lot of love. At the end of self-isolation I moved to apartment with Camille from France and Mariam from Georgia, we had cocktails night with other volunteers, Easter egg hunting game and Make up challenge. I walked throught Narva and met other people in Vitatiim, I found very cool that public skate park will be next to Vitatiim organisation and that I have forest in front of my building. Narva is very bike friendly and it's constructed as a safety city for walkers and cyclist, there are no big hills, soo my plan is to buy bicycle and discover city and other villages in future days...

Project number: 2020-2-EE01-ESC11-078077
Project title: „Solidarity for Sustainable Life“

Solidarity for Sustainable Life