Station Narva 2020
Random Questions with NOËP
Vadim Markov
What does water taste like?

Well, that depends on what you are eating before, but to me, water taste like lime, because I mostly drink water with lime.

Do you believe in conspiracy theories?

Sometimes, I'd say conspiracy theories have a reason behind them because I think the reason why to sometimes consider believing in conspiracy theories is it's also a good PR weapon to make some of the things sound like a conspiracy because it not taken seriously.

What is the city that is most like you?

That is a random question!

I'd say Copenhagen because from outside it seems really conservative, but the city has its free sides as well as the nightlife and stuff.

Indie or Pop?

That depends on the time of my life, for example, I'd say 5 years ago I was definitely more into indie.

That also depends on what music is currently pop music, because right now trap rap, all that stuff is pop music, so I'd say indie, but I enjoy pop as well.

Foto: Anastassia Volkova
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