The New Normal
Daria Elizarraras Veenstra
I am recognising my ears going deaf to meaning of sounds like crisis.
I am recognising my eyes going blind to the concept in letter clusters like virus.
Side effects of the over exposure to constant reminders of the reality I am in.
Putting effort in noticing the sunrays. But men, that reality, it makes the world grim.
Because there is no way of escaping.
That is what scares me the most.
No escape in where: another place.
Though neither in when: another time, because where is the line? Is there even a before?
And if there was, that what was wasn't fine, that is where we crossed the line.
''Go back to what was'', do you hear the paradox? If that is where we went wrong
we shouldn't want it to come along …right?
But the craving and the longing for a time other than now.
And the craving and the longing for else than that what is
makes looking back so easy.
The New Normal.
In reality it is not the now we cannot stand
but the guilt, the uncertainty and the hyperawareness.
The fear the worry and the lack of fairness.
The injustice the pain and the picture this time has painted.
I face it with disdain,
is this what ''precious humanity'' has created?!
The New Normal
The pain in looking up comes from the fact that we already knew,
though the ones that chose to listen were sadly just a few.
Some chose to turn away from the obvious reality
because ''what can I do to change that disparity''.
Others in ignorance chose to stay blind
to all that simply didn't fit their mind
and worst, some did look at the view
but it wasn't them who were hurting so ''there's nothing I should do''.
And it's their answers that I see in every stroke
I see pain I see egoism I see streams of empty warnings…
This is reality
I sigh heavily.
The New Normal.
The truth is that every crisis, be it a pandemic or climate emergency be it an earthquake or political
instability, the less privileged will always suffer the most even though they are not the ones playing host
for the system's greed on which our world is overdosed.
The New Normal.
A concept a phrase perhaps just three words in a row.
I stare at it as if
with the intensity of my gaze
its meaning I have lost
will just let itself show.
I fully comprehend the former thought behind those words,
to make us understand: not going back but only forth,
to keep us from assuming the temporality of this state,
and make us comprehend the urgency in the rising rates.
Though recently its use
feels more as an excuse:
a way to put the blame on that affectionate behaviour we already shame.
The New Normal.
As if touch only carries the guilt of spreading this virus like a quilt. As if touch only and nothing more is
the sole perpetrator of changing that before.
The New Normal.
We cannot pretend the blame is on hugs on social contact on touching on physical love…
Where is the criticism on keeping our economic system running while having a global pandemic close
upon us and luring?
Why no blame on the unnecessary overconsumption and the cutbacks on healthcare and other
There is more to blame than the innate action of loving physically, though to some that critical thought
does not come logically.
The New Normal.
I am ok with the strife
for a new way of life.
But only if that change
has its priorities set straight
I will finally have faith
in that new normal we've made.
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