Personalised learning
Module of the E-learning course 'Adult educator's competences for 2035'

About the module
Here is information about course and module...
Expected learning outcomes
The participant knows how to implement personalised learning in their educational programmes
The participant possesses the tools and methods of personalised learning
The participant knows how to bring their learners to their expected learning outcomes using personalised learning approach
How it works
Introduction to the module
Introductory video with instructions
Participant's memo
Participant's diary
Self-evaluation test: how much do I use personalised learning now?
Adult learner. Self-directed learners
Video presentation of the topic
Self-analysing tool: am I a self-directed learner?
How to support a student in becoming a self-directed learner?
Participant's diary
Clarification of adult's learning needs, expectations and aims
Video presentation: taxonomies
Supporting achieving learner's aims and meeting the needs during the course
Reflection tools for personalised learning
Evaluation of personalised learning
Feedback in personalised learning
Setting aims and steps for further development
Educators team
Jelena Lohmatova
Adult learning centre Vestifex

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