Successful future with small steps
Project was created to empower Russian-speaking youth to increase their awareness of social entrepreneurship, innovation and main social issues, to increase their participation in civil society and encourage them to become active citizens. The number of social entrepreneurship and innovation by young people in Narva is very low.
Performed activities
The project target group : 14-18 year old Russian-speaking youth
Thematic meetings
Meetings covered many social issues: starting from active participation, climate change, gender equality, bullying etc. All those meetings were interactive and aimed to see social problems and seek possible ways to solve those problems.
Youngsters had also possibility to get project writing experience.
Practical part: Let's create.
On this level youth had the possibility to come up and implement different innovative tasks.
Study trip
To sum up all activities, start brainstorming about possible project ideas and start project writing.

Main outputs of the project were:
Increased participation of young people in civic life.

Young people became more experienced in writing and implementing projects.

More empowered young people to contribute to civic life.

More empowered young people to become active citizens.

Increased young people's willingness to create opportunities for leisure and learning.

Increased levels of youth social entrepreneurship.

A stronger information flow for young people to ensure they are aware of the opportunities available to them.

More young people are able to submit large projects later on because they already have experience in submitting small projects.

A network of young people developed, where more experienced young people help less experienced people to start writing a project.

Project was financed by Swedish Embassy in Tallinn
Contact Person
Nina kapanadze
Project coordinator
Phone: +37258124709