Random Questions with Anna Kaneelina

What does water taste like?
Water tastes like life.

What is your phone background right now?
My kids

We have a deep one: what is the meaning of life?
Yeah, it's a big one, of course, I thought about it a lot. To experience and hopefully evolve, to become better and bigger as a soul.

What is the worst thing about being an artist?
I am very open with people on stage and I share from a very genuine place, but the hard part is you give something away and you do it with the goodness of your heart and not always there are people receiving it the same way, and that's the hard part, not the criticism but mean things people say about you and about your art. That really affects me.
Foto: Anastassia Volkova

What can make you smile?
My kids obviously, good food, my friends, good weather - there are so many things!

What do you like about Narva?
I like that this is my first experience and everything is new to me. I managed to live 35 years and not coming here, I don't know how it is possible! So, the best thing for me is that is completely new to me. I like that my music brings together Estonians and Russians, it's a mixing thing, I love that music can bring people together.

Whose phone number would you like to have?
That's a big one again.
I would like to have some psychic or a healer, some person, who could give me advice on a really deep level, but I don't know who he is.
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