Volunteers' blog


Hi! My name is Fatima :)⠀

I am a proud Mexican and German!

I was born in Mexico, but have lived in Germany since I was little.⠀

My hobbies are dancing (Video-clip-dancing & Zumba), yoga, baking cakes and spending time with my little sisters.

I also enjoy travelling and getting to know new cultures, people and languages. Currently I speak English, German and Spanish. And I am looking forward to learning Russian ;)⠀

For one year I will work as a volunteer at VitaTiim, what is very exciting for me. I am looking forward to getting to know Estonia, its traditions and of course the people in Narva and the other volunteers.

#SolidarityForSustainableLife #SustainableLifeDevelopment

#EuropeanSolidarityCorps #VolunteeringInEstonia

Solidarity for Sustainable Life