International Youth Exchange

21-27 October
Art of saving the World
Youth Exchange
Art of saving the World

If you want to change the world, change yourself.' Mahatma Gandhi

Youth exchange about what we see around us and how we can make a positive impact.

Venue: Otepää, Estonia
Exchange dates: October 21-27, 2022
Participation language: English
Participating countries: Estonia, Italy and Turkey
Number of participants: 6 participants + group leader per country
Age of participants: 17 - 22 years
What will be in the program?

1. Getting to know each other and teamwork;
2. Intercultural learning;
3. Challenges of the modern world;
4. Me and the World. My reactions;
5. Methods of influence and interaction;
6. Proactivity. What can I do now?
7. Reflection.
In addition, we will have time to enjoy the nature of Otepää, autumn sauna and communication with each other.

Location of the project: Karumetsa Apartment

Project supported
Julia Dem
project manager
Phone: + 375 559 217 87