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Future brings improvisation.
Future entails improvisation.
Future leads to improvisation.

The lives of young people all around the world can be described as ever-changing. Global events influence every aspect of our daily lives. From the spring 2020 till now, we have been adapting new ways of working or studying, and moving social interactions into the virtual world. Now, we are facing new challenges, learning what it means to have freedom and trying to comprehend that war is happening right now, and not so far away. It feels that the only solution is to learn to improvise. Perhaps, one of the ways to do so is to start engaging with all sorts of creative activities. Art allows us to see perspectives of different people, and to see the world in a way we would never be able to otherwise. This exhibition presents creative results from the "Youth Specific Art" project from Greece, Slovenia, Estonia, UK, and Austria.
Let`s color Lefkada - Bee project

Bees pollinate one flower at a time, but together they generate a third of our food. Let's help the bzzz form part in the symphony of life. Bee the change and protect the nature.
Let`s color Lefkada - Bee project
"Eco-Art" Exhibition

Young people designed and created "Eco- Art" scenes and mascots to spread messages on sustainable behaviour for the protection of the environment.
Read the full version of the "Eco-Art" document.
"Enable Disable...through Camera Obscura"
Photographic project
See the album version of "Enable Disable...through Camera Obscura"
See the online exhibition of "Enable Disable...through Camera Obscura"
Sketchbook pages as means of reflection

"I am inspired by people and their destinies. Putting emotions on paper through portraits, I also try to sort out my thoughts."

Author: Daria Taranzhina
Materials: Moleskine sketchbook/artbook, ballpoint/gel pen, oil pastel
Narvamus issue

Narvamus is a youth magazine, produced by young people of Narva. For a special issue "Future brings improvisation" team of the magazine collaborated with Youth Specific Art partners to talk about art and creativity in the context of Europe.
Read articles from this issue on Narvamus webpage
Ingredients of Improvisation
a collection of thoughts about improvisation and future by participants of the Rhizovention 2022

In order to make the outcome of the overall project visible to the public, an online exhibition with contributions from each participating organisation was designed. Therewith, this booklet was crafted. The "ingredients" were shared, "cooked" and "tasted" by participants and organisers of Rhizovention 2022. The excerpts are part of a kitchen-talk about improvisation and future that was recorded at the end of the festival. It shows that improvisation is seen as a key quality, which helps to create a vivid social network of cooperation in times of multiple crises.

Read the full version of "Ingredients of Improvisation"
Rhizovention '22 Aftermovie

The task was to create an artform from daily life. Each student got a kinder egg and we were discovering what was going on, when we cut down the package, what happens with chocolate and what elements are hidden inside. And from documentation we made a pattern which can not anymore show the starting point.

Authors: Aljaz Topolovec, Darja Petric, Lucija Semič, Nelja Kadirić, Zalka Leskovar, Nika Čirne Nicky.
United Kingdom
SHAKESPEARE youth project
"Theatre of enlightenment" is an activity for youth workers, organised within strategic partnership project Youth Specific Art.

The aims of the activity were:
1. To give participants an exciting learning experience, through which they grow as youth workers, gaining both knowledge and tools to support a more confident life.
2. To empower participants to carry out theatre-based projects for youth empowerment in their home communities; to support the development of their practical initiatives.
3. To promote social cohesion and community-building through the arts and, in doing so, to combat the anti-social tendencies of our times.
4. To lay the foundations for future theatre-based trainings for youth workers and youth exchanges for young people.
What did participants learn?
"It was definitely one of the most interesting projects I participated in. I learnt a lot about theatre techniques through the use of simple yoga techniques."
Participant's feedback
"Most of the thing we learned are not to be said but to be felt in the core of our heart."
Participant's feedback
"How important it is to be present. To first feel yourself and then connect to each other. I learned that art is the process which can be always interrupted with a new things, idea."
Participant's feedback
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