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We create an empowering environment, so that you and we can:

*discover ourselves, discover the world and realise our own role in the world. We believe that everything we do is connected with learning about yourself and the world and understanding what we can do for our communities to be more sustainable. For this aim we arrange mobility projects for youngsters and adults, carry out programmes based on reflection, coordinate volunteering service, support people's initiatives, carry out educational programs on non-formal learning and andragogy, teach to write projects, etc. Together with partners from different countries we work out new materials, toolboxes and courses for supporting people in their discoveries and growth.

*become the best version of ourselves and support others in this process. We are here to develop our potential, realise our talents and nature and achieve peace and harmony in inner and outer worlds. For this aim we follow person-centred approach, make numerous activities connected with intercultural learning, raising awareness about sustainability, intergenerational learning, development of critical thinking, we offer language clubs, arrange meetings with experts and bring people together for mutual learning and development, promote health literacy, create conditions for personal growth, share our expertise and organize networking, co-visions and master-classes for those who needs support on their way.

*be learning agile and authentic in an era of global uncertainty. The third part comes from the previous ones. We live in unpredictable times and it is essential to stay yourself and learn, unlearn, and relearn mental models and practices from a variety of experiences, people, and sources, and to apply that learning in new and changing contexts to achieve desired results.

Our empowering environment is not only our house in Narva, which we love very much, but it is also our on-line solutions and supportive services.

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youth worker
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Financial manager
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