After 2020


Good Practises
School of future professions
To acquaint secondary school students with trends and proffecions of future for to help them to make conscious career dession.


In the activity participated 15 youngsters in age 14-15 y.o, during half of the year they met and visited various organisations, institutations, specialists for to learn more about their job.
Within the activity participants reflected on own skills, capacilities and interests.
In total youngsters took part in 11 meeting and in study trip to Tallinn where they did learn about Start-up ecosystem of Estonia.

- aware about own skills, capacities and interests;
- learned about different professions
- able to make more conscious career dession
- developed competences such as cretive and ctitical thinking, communicatiuon and teamwork.

To create simulation where young people can act according different professions and learn though experience.

In the simulation participated 30 young people during three days. All participants were splited in three groups: officials, entrepreneurs and media.
Within the simulation participants were able to receive income, establish company, to be elected and vote. All privat sector should pay taxes every new day.

Through practical expereince participants learned about different professions, enterprenourship, cooperation between gaverment and bussines sector.
They developed skills such as commication, creativity, nigotiation, sence of initiative and enterprenourship, team work.
"After 2020"
Young people and local community learned more about trends of future. To boost creative thinking and discussion in community

Team of young people in age 17-19 y.o prepared art-exibition in Narva Art Residence. All art works about trends of future were done by young people. Paraticipants is Narva Local community.

Exebition lasted 3 weeks. Also pictures for exibition were used for youth magazine Narvamus (Issue #3). Locals and school groups participated in it.
During peparing art works young people learned more about trend of future by themselves, develped creative thinking, project thinking, sence of intiative and enterprenourship.
Good Practices
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project manager
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