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Authenticity Unscripted

22-29 January 2024 | Otepää, Estonia
In January, the winter capital of Estonia we will host a dynamic youth exchange, "Authenticity unscripted." This program is dedicated to exploring the theme of authenticity and how young people confront contemporary challenges. Through a unique theatre-based approach, participants will delve into the complexities of modern life, examining the role and impact of young individuals in shaping current realities.


  1. Explore Authenticity: To provide a platform for young people to understand and express their authentic selves in the context of today's societal pressures.
  2. Theatre as a Medium: To utilize theatre as a creative and engaging medium for self-expression and exploration of complex themes.
  3. Understanding Contemporary Challenges: To facilitate discussions and activities that highlight the unique challenges faced by youth in the modern world.
  4. Empowerment through Performance: To empower participants by developing their skills in theatre, public speaking, and creative expression.
  5. Cultural Exchange and Collaboration: To foster a sense of global community by encouraging cross-cultural dialogue and collaboration among young people from diverse backgrounds.
  6. Developing Future Leaders: To inspire and equip participants with the tools and confidence to take active roles in their communities, advocating for authenticity and resilience.
Dates: 22-29 January 2024
Arrival : 22 January 2024
Departure: 29 January 2024

Organiser: MTÜ VitaTiim, Estonia -

Number of participants: Estonia - 5 participants + leader
Age of participants: 16-19 y.o
Authenticity Unscripted
You will stay at the Metsalagendik in Otepää, Estonia in rooms for 2-4 people each.

We will provide 5 meals per day (breakfast, lunch, dinner and two coffee breaks with snacks) according to your food preferences and allergies.

Expenses regarding accommodation and food are covered within Erasmus+ programme.
The programme is avaliable here.
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