International youth exchange
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Authenticity Unscripted:
activity outcomes and good practices

22-29 January | Otepää, Estonia
From January 22nd to 29th, 2024, three youth organizations and one informal group came together to host a unique youth exchange centered on authenticity and theatre. In this event, we explored the essence of being ourselves and how to tackle the challenges faced by young people today, all through the expressive lens of theatre.

We immersed ourselves in a vibrant mix of activities: playing, dancing, cooking, and even sharing moments with a friendly dog in a cozy, snow-covered house in southern Estonia. These experiences were not just joyful, but also deeply meaningful. They helped us connect, learn, and grow together. Now, we're eager to share our experiences and the effective practices we've developed and adopted during this journey.
In our project, we delved deeply into the concept of authenticity, exploring its various facets and implications for young people. Authenticity, in our context, was about understanding and embracing one's true self, recognizing individual values and beliefs, and expressing them confidently in a world that often pushes for conformity. This exploration was not just theoretical; it involved practical, real-life applications and reflections.

To facilitate this journey towards self-discovery and genuine expression, we utilized a range of materials and resources.

Materials used:
Authentic Relating Games Night Handbook
Authentic Revolution
"Authentic: How to be yourself and why it matters" by Stephen Joseph
Youth Exchange 'Authenticity Unscripted'. Tanya - group leader of Moldovan team, Authenticity workshop facilitator
Examples of the activities adopted by Tanya Matveiciuc
Our project also leveraged theatre and performance as powerful tools to delve into authenticity. Participants worked collaboratively, using these creative mediums to explore topics deeply personal and socially relevant to them. This process facilitated not just self-exploration but also fostered a sense of community and connection among the group.

Through these performances, participants expressed their individual perspectives and shared experiences, tackling themes like identity, societal norms, and personal values. The act of creating and presenting these performances became a journey of mutual understanding and respect, bridging personal insights with broader social contexts. It was a dynamic way to explore and celebrate the diverse facets of being authentic in a world that often values uniformity.
Veronika - Latvian group leader and theatre workshop facilitator
Our inspiration:
Next, participants walk around, reading the papers shared by others, and they are encouraged to select only one event from each category that is written not by them but holds personal importance to them.

Following this, participants gather in groups to discuss the events they've chosen and the significance of each. These discussions serve as a brainstorming session, allowing participants to explore potential themes or topics for their upcoming performance. This activity fosters reflection, connection, and creative thinking, making it a valuable experience for all involved.
Participants about their experience

Participants of the youth exchange eagerly shared their diverse experiences, highlighting the cultural insights and personal growth they gained throughout the program.
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project manager
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