Erasmus+ activity Civitas 2023: Promoting Active Citizenship through Youth Work

This activity aimed to address the knowledge gap among European youth regarding the European Union (EU), which led to missed opportunities and limited participation in democratic processes. The plan was to enhance youths' media literacy, critical thinking skills, and understanding of the EU's functioning and values through non-formal education methods. This not only encouraged active citizenship and democratic participation but also boosted employability, initiative, self-esteem, and intercultural awareness, thus fostering a sense of European identity. The goal was to increase the quality of youth work in partner organizations, helping to overcome social, cultural, and geographic obstacles faced by local youth.
Youth all over Europe lack knowledge about the European Union. This affects youth in a negative way because they miss out on opportunities provided by the EU, such as education or training mobility, international volunteering or youth exchanges. Furthermore, youth's participation in democratic processes is limited by obstacles they face and by lack of knowledge about the functioning of the Union, as well as by low level of media literacy and uncritical thinking. Youth can become more active citizens if they improve media literacy and critical thinking skills, and gain knowledge on the EU, especially about the Union's functioning, and its values. Moreover, these knowledge and skills can boost youth's employability, increase sense of initiative and self-esteem, enhance intercultural awareness and foster European identity.

In order to better meet the needs of local youth and help them overcome social, cultural and geographic obstacles, the aim of the activity is to increase the quality of youth work of partner organisations in promoting active citizenship. Special emphasis will be put on using non-formal education methods because non-formal learning can help enhance youth's understanding of the EU, inspire a more active participation in social and democratic processes, as well as foster a sense of belonging to the European Union.

We have dedicated a special leaflet to promoting Active Citizenship for Young people! Have a look!
In 2022, Udruga Prizma implemented an Erasmus+ project Civitas: Promoting Active Citizenship through Youth Work, involving youth workers from eight EU countries. Digital toolkit Non-formal approach to fostering active citizenship among youth (available here) was made within the project. Moreover, Croatian national agency for Erasmus+ selected the project as an example of good practice.

During the implementation of the Civitas project the Toolking was used.

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