Countdown to zero

Erasmus+, KA2 Transnational youth initiative
The project "Countdown to zero" is a transnational youth initiative organised by young people for young people.
The main aim of the project "Countdown to zero" is to change consumer habits of young people in Narva and Sered in order to contribute to the sustainable development and justice. We expect that after our project young people in Narva and Sered will be more responsible in consumerism, they will think more what they buy and how it was produced.

Objectives of the project:
- to decrease consumerism among young people in Narva and Sered;
- to engage young people to buy more responsible;- to engage young people to live more zero waste;
- to raise awareness about sustainable development and human rights among young people;
- to promote human rights and justice as a value;- to empower youth and boots their active participation through various events and informational campaigns.

Target groups of the project:
- core group of the project from Estonia and Slovakia (15 people);
- young people 13-30 y.o from Narva and Sered;
- adults (our parents, teachers);
- other relevant stakeholders.
In Estonia and Slovakia we plan to implement different local activities such as:

BESEDKA - meetings with experts - at least 6 activities in Estonia and Slovakia;
Zero waste work-shops - at least 10 activities in Estonia and Slovakia;
Fair-trade week - information campaign + activities
Fashion revolution week - information campaign + activities
Sustainable development goals week - information campaign + activities
Articles in Narvamus
Project supported
Julia Dem
project manager
Phone: + 375 559 217 87
E-mail: julia@vitatiim.ee