Activity for youth workers, Exchange of best practices

Theatre of enlightenment
Youth Specific Art

07 - 13 November 2022, United Kingdom
Activity for youth workers organised within strategic partnership project Youth Specific Art.

The aims of the activity are:
1. To give participants an exciting learning experience, through which they grow as youth workers, gaining both knowledge and tools to support a more confident life.
2. To empower participants to carry out theatre-based projects for youth empowerment in their home communities; to support the development of their practical initiatives.
3. To promote social cohesion and community-building through the arts and, in doing so, to combat the anti-social tendencies of our times.
4. To lay the foundations for future theatre-based trainings for youth workers and youth exchanges for young people.
Target group:
- youth workers
- international project managers
- youth leaders

07-13 November 2022

Asha Centre, Forest of Dean, Gloucester, United Kingdom
Theatre of enlightenment
Youth Specific Art
Participants will be accommodated in a Asha Centre in the sharing rooms.
The main house of The ASHA Centre is a beautifully refurbished Georgian home with a large dining room, modern kitchen, drawing room, office, library, elegant bedrooms and estate.

Expences regarding accommodation and travel covered within Erasmus+ programme.
Program will be avalible soon.

Program consists from different workshops with the space dedicated to sharing experiences.
What to bring?
- COVID-19 certificate
- Health insurance (including COVID-19)
- Comfortable cloth for outside
- Comfortable cloth for inside
- Comfortable cloth for morning practices
- Warm clothes for windy and rainy days
- Umbrella and rain coat
- Personal hygiene products (toothbrush, toothpaste)
- Medication (anti-allergy pills, pain killers, aspirin etc. if you need such
- Other items that you personally consider necessary to carry with
- Smiles, lots of positive energy and motivation :)!

You also may contribute to coffee-breaks with yours local snacks!
How to reach?
By plain to London, Birmingham or Bristol and buy train or bus to Gloucester.
Youth workers, youth leaders, educators and facilitators, for those who support humans in their development.
Age - 20+
Ability to communicate in English
Travel budget
Austria - 275 EUR
Greece - 360 EUR
Estonia - 275 EUR
Slovenia - 275 EUR
The UK - 20 - 180 EUR - depends on distance
Join the project
We will inform you about selection process soon
Project supported
Julia Dem
project manager
Phone: + 375 559 217 87