YOU in the moment

Self-paced basic mindfulness e-course for youth workers
About E-course
About the E-Course
Dear Learners,
Welcome to our Basic Mindfulness e-course, brought to life through the collaborative efforts of our partners from Greece, Estonia, Latvia, Italy, Sweden, and Ukraine. This course is a proud outcome of the Erasmus+ Strategic Partnership Project, "(YOU)th in the Moment".

As youth workers, trainers, and mindfulness instructors, we've joined forces to create a comprehensive and self-paced e-course. Our mission is to enhance your skills in mindfulness, empowering you to positively impact young lives.
Why This E-Course?
Cultivate Wellbeing: Learn mindfulness techniques to improve your mental health and resilience.
Boost Efficiency: Enhance your effectiveness in youth work.
Inspire Participation: Encourage active engagement in youth activities.
Incorporate Mindfulness: Seamlessly integrate mindfulness practices into youth-centered programs.

Course Structure
Module I: Mindfulness Theory
Dive into the origins, scientific benefits, and diverse approaches to mindfulness. Gain practical tools to develop your mindfulness skills.
Module II: A Mindful Youth Worker
Engage in practical exercises focusing on key competencies such as clarity, concentration, compassion, body-awareness, self-regulation, and resilience. Learn at your own pace with our diverse practices and assignments.
Module III: Giving the Gift of Mindfulness to My Community
Discover how to integrate mindfulness into your youth work, complemented by practical examples and inspiring case studies.

Additional Resources
Expert Network: Access our directory of trainers and facilitators specializing in mindfulness.
Community Connections: Explore organizations actively engaged in mindfulness for youth.
Customized Learning

Flexible Approach: Tailor the course to fit your needs. Start with the module that intrigues you the most.
Learning Essentials: Ensure you have a laptop or phone with internet access, a quiet space, and materials for note-taking and reflection.

We invite you to embark on this enlightening journey with us. Enhance your skills, enrich your mind, and make a lasting impact on the lives of young people.
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About the project
'YOU(th) in the moment' is a strategic partnership project in the field of youth work and non-formal education supported by Erasmus+ programme and co-founded by EU.

The project took place in 2021 - 2024 and gathered five organisations from Greece, Estonia, Latvia, Italy, Sweden and Ukraine.

The main aim of the project is to enreach youth work with mindfulness approach, methods and techniques in order to support youth and youth workers wellbeing and mental health, efficiency and active participation. Raise awareness about mindfulness and mental health amoung youth and youth workers.

Within the project will be developed two intellectual outputs:

1. Curriculum and basic mindfulness e-course for youth workers

2. Curriculum and basic mindfulness e-course for youth

The main target group we address is youth workers, leaders, facilitators of non-formal learning, school youth work managers (professional and volunteers) and all those who support young people through youth work and non-formal learning
  • MTÜ VitaTiim | Estonia
    VitaTiim is a non-formal learning centre. The mission of VitaTiim is to create a supportive and inspiring environment so all of us could be a better version of ourselves, discover our own role in the global world and become flexible in an era of constant change and uncertainty.

  • GO Alive | Greece
    GO Alive, a non-profit in Siatista, Kozani, focuses on empowering youth, especially those facing social, economic, or geographic barriers. We promote educational and professional development, youth mobility, well-being, and active citizenship through various initiatives across Western and Central Macedonia.

    FB: GOAliveNGO
  • 3D Friends| Latvia
    NGO goal is to empower youth through innovative projects, fostering non-formal education and modern competencies in Latvia. They focus on promoting Latvian and European values, supporting socially disadvantaged groups and individuals with disabilities, and advocating for cultural integration, environmental awareness, and active citizenship. NGO target groups include youth, students, and those facing various challenges, adapting to the digital era with online interactions and global discussions.

    FB: 3dfriendslv
    IG: @3dfriendslv
  • VulcanicaMente | Italy
    Founded in 2012 in Lecce, Italy, VulcanicaMente is a non-profit association dedicated to empowering youth through mobility, learning, and information. We strive to nurture active European citizenship, foster cultural understanding, and promote intergenerational dialogue. Our initiatives focus on raising awareness about key societal issues, encouraging mindfulness, creativity, and entrepreneurship, and facilitating idea exchange for the sustainable development of the Salento area.

    FB: vulcanicamenteassociazione
    IG: @vulcanicamente_lecce
  • Positive Youth | Sweden
    Positive YOUth, a non-profit organization, focuses on uplifting youth through self-development, especially targeting less privileged youths from migrant backgrounds. We utilize mindfulness, nature-based education, and movement to foster well-being and success. Actively involved in Erasmus+ programs and mindfulness training, we aim to build supportive, mindful youth communities for a harmonious future, while emphasizing continuous personal growth within our team.

    FB: PositiveYOUthNGO
    IG: @ngopositiveyouth
  • Mindspot | Ukraine
    Mindspot in Odessa, Ukraine, is a center for mindfulness practice, offering both online and offline educational activities. Their mission is to enhance well-being by developing meta-skills like empathy, concentration, and emotional intelligence through mindfulness. Center conduct various programs, retreats, and instructor training, impacting thousands. Their experienced team, with extensive mindfulness practice, fosters a supportive community and spreads mindfulness in education.

    FB: mindspotcenter
    IG: @mindspot.center
Project supported
Funded by the European Union. Views and opinions expressed are however those of the author(s) only and do not necessarily reflect those of the European Union or the European Education and Culture Executive Agency (EACEA). Neither the European Union nor EACEA can be held responsible for them
Julia Dem
project manager
Phone: + 375 559 217 87
E-mail: julia@vitatiim.ee