International youth exchange

Youth Week 2024

04-11 August 2024 | Mariehamn, Åland
ORGANISER This activity is organised by Nordisk Ungdomsorganisation/Nordic Youth Organisation (NordYouth).

AIM to explore the concept of active youth participation, activism, EMPOWERMENT, creating inclusion in our communities and celebrating diverse societies.

1) explore what active citizenship, youth activism, democratic systems and values mean,
2) learn to build inclusive communities through actively participating in decision-making,
3) recognise the value and opportunities of a diverse society,
4) develop strategies for how to empower youth in their own communities, and
5) based on the lessons learned, make a video empowering young people to contribute to decision-making in our societies.

We have 25 participant places. Participants should be young people interested in the content who are 14-25 years old. From Estonia - 5 people.

Partners: UMFI from Iceland, VitaTiim from Estonia, Föreningen Norden Sverige, SdU from Germany, DK4H from Denmark.
Dates: 04-11 August 2024

Location: Mariehamn, Åland
Åland is an autonomous and demilitarised region of Finland located in the Baltic sea.
Youth Week 2024
ACCOMMODATION, MEALS, PROGRAMME AND LOCAL TRANSPORT Youth Week 2024 is held in Mariehamn, Åland islands. The project provides accommodation in shared rooms at hostel Övernäsgården Gästhem, meals, programme and local transport in Mariehamn.

TRAVEL ARRANGEMENTS Reaching Mariehamn can be done via different routes: Travel to Helsinki, Finland (the ferry takes 11h).

TRAVEL REIMBURSEMENT NordYouth reimburses 80% of your travel costs.
We have 6 programme days which we have filled with various non-formal education methods addressing the topics of active participation, democracy, youth activism, empowering youth and celebrating diversity. As always, we leave space for educational material production to cement the learning process for our participants and to disseminate the results of Youth Week.
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